A Promising Mind

Life is a short journey that’s full of mysteries. My access and my exit are totally unimaginable and uncontrollable.

My existence is visible and may be predictable.

Actually a bit.

We don’t know many stories of a person’s existence.

Each person is introduced with two worlds — one he lives in, another lives within him.

The two worlds could be quite different.

Maybe they are not.

But the core values of the both worlds should be same, at least, close ones.

One of the core values is keeping own promise.

Everyday we make lots of promises, don’t we?

Maybe a lot of, maybe one or two, maybe none.

Whatever the number is, a promise is always a promise.

And every promise is valuable.

Every promise deserves to be alive till its maker’s existence.

But how many of them?

Quite a few.

Actually a promise doesn’t die but its maker.

Maybe he breaths in but his mind loses its beauty, and over time, it becomes nonfunctional.

When mind loses its beauty or functionality, we become nothing but a piece of flesh.

Actually every living being is a piece of flesh.

It’s nothing but our mind that differentiates human being from animal.

I wish I could be surrounded only by human being, not any pieces of flesh.

Are you a piece of flesh?

Ask yourself!