And friendship.

The sweetest, most beautiful relationship on the planet.
A good friend could turn into a complete world.
A true friend is a person who always stays by another friend.
In time of happiness.
And sad.
And success.
And failure.
A friend deeply understands another friend.
A friend cannot differentiate ones interest from another friend’s.
Everyday can become a friendship day.
If a friend can make another friend happy.
A smiling face.
A particular day is not needed.
Nor special recognition.
Friendship is not to show off.
But to build, nurture, and keep fresh.
Till last breath.
I can tell you I have got at least a friend, a true one.
Whom I can share everything with.
Have you got any?
Ask your heart.
If yes, try to make your friend happy.
Every day.
Every moment.
Everybody may misunderstand you.
Leave you.
Forget you.
A true friend will never.
A true friend is a treasure.
Store in your heart.
By all means.
I’m proud of my friend.
Let’s pray for more true friends.
And true friendship.