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Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

The first story is about connecting the dots.

I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out?

It started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates, so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his wife.

Love yourself!

Love. A noun. A verb. A simple four-letter word. The simplest answer to the most complicated questions. Or the most complicated answer to the simplest questions. A feeling that makes one happy. Sad. Excited. Broken. Encouraged. Depressed. A reason to live. To breath in. To dream. Or to try suicide. A poem. A verse. A …

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And friendship.

Friendship. The sweetest, most beautiful relationship on the planet. A good friend could turn into a complete world. A true friend is a person who always stays by another friend. In time of happiness. And sad. And success. And failure. A friend deeply understands another friend. A friend cannot differentiate ones interest from another friend’s. …

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Maintaining Healthy Relationship In An Affair, From The Viewpoint Of A Codist

Keep a backup relationship: I might sound dirty but believe me, it’s really a solid practical idea. You’ll understand the necessity of a backup relationship once your primary relationship stops working properly. Don’t input all data: Don’t tell all stories to your partner, otherwise you will be disbelieved. And never tell entire part of a …

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